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If you are new to my practice or you are here because you are searching for a dentist then let me welcome you.

Change does not come easy for most of us. Finding the right dental care "fit" is important. Very few people truly enjoy going to the dentist so finding an office where you feel comfortable can make all the difference.

That may be the best reason to call us to see if there is a Complimentary First Consultation available this week. Then you can meet us with no strings attached, and see if I think I can help you. 

Why We Are Unique

Here is what this office is NOT: 

It is NOT an office that constantly runs behind schedule, keeping you waiting for a rushed visit.

It is NOT a large clinic with too many staff trying to see as many patients as humanly possible. 

It is NOT a place where you will be scolded or caused embarrassment due to the condition of your teeth. 

I made a conscious decision a long time ago that I would treat people the way I want to be treated. This means...

I only schedule one patient at a time, for enough time to comfortably complete what is planned for them. 

I do your examination, I do your diagnosis, I plan your treatment, I explain your options to you and then when you have decided which option is right for you, I do the treatment. I never turn you over to my staff to finish the work I started while I bounce to the next chair to start something on the next patient. Because you are the only patient scheduled in that time. 

Who Am I?

My name is John H. Wheeler, DDS. The DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) degree was earned at the University of Colorado School of Dentistry in 1983. I earned a BS in BioPhysics from Pacific Union College in Angwin, California and graduated from Campion Academy of Loveland in 1974. You can see more details about my credentials on my C.V. 

I have been practicing dentistry in Fort Collins, Colorado since 1997. Prior to that I practiced in Rocky Ford, Colorado for 13 years.

Advanced Dental Care Training

My Story:

During my first four years as a dentist I grew frustrated with my profession. This was due in part to seeing that too many patients had been mistreated by their previous dentists. These dentists had done work that was over their head, and now my patients needed even more involved treatment in order to correct their mistakes. I was also deeply unhappy with the popular style of practice that taught to "drill, fill, and bill" as many patients as possible, as fast as possible. This worked well for many dentists, but it wasn't working for my patients.

Luckily, my early mentors were big on continuing education and I had followed that advice. As my frustration grew, I was introduced to the L.D. Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education. This institute in Florida attracts dentists from all around the world to learn a different style of dental practice. They taught advanced dental clinical techniques for helping patients with serious dental problems get predictable results by focusing on the entire person. Fortunately for me, they also taught dentists how to find balance in their lives. This is why I continue to keep a deliberately small, personalized practice. During the next five years I completed all of the courses (continuums) at the Pankey Institute and it was the best thing I have ever done professionally. My patients are now fulfilled, and therefor so am I. 

My belief in continuing education also led me to the Misch International Implant Institute. This institute also attracts dentists from around the world and teaches a systematic approach to diagnosis and treatment planning for patients that are missing teeth (whether it is one, or all of them) using dental implants. I utilize the knowledge from both Institutes to help my patients with serious dental problems

Your comfort and health is our priority. Contact us today to schedule your Free Dental Consultation. 

Ft. Collins Dentist. Ft. Collins dentures. Ft. Collins Implants. Ft. Collins oral health. Ft. Collins Dentist. Ft. Collins dentist. Need a new Dentist. Loveland Dentist. Loveland Implants.